Have you ever thought of the fact that in eternity past God planned for you, me, and every other believer to be His Plan “A” to take His salvation to the world?

Read the words of Jude 1:3,

Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

In this verse, Jude is telling those to whom he is writing, “I have written to exhort you, to call you near to God, and that you might contend (literally fight) for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.”

He is referring to the doctrine of Jesus Christ:  His crucifixion, His suffering for our sins, His resurrection from the dead, His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His imminent return.

Notice his words, though, that it “was once for all delivered.”  In other words, God is not changing His plan now.  It was delivered to us to both defend and to declare, once and for all.  There is no Plan B.  We are it.

This means the gospel has literally been entrusted to you and to me as the Church…the body of Christ.  God has chosen that through the foolishness of preaching men would be saved.

The good news of Jesus Christ, God’s only method of bringing salvation to a lost and dying world, the only method of changing men and women’s eternal destination, has been delivered to us. 

Isn’t that an awesome thought?  That is why my passion is to bring a living Jesus to a dying world.  Because there is no Plan B.


6 thoughts on “THERE IS NO PLAN B..

  1. Brother Roderick,

    Indeed, I fully agree with you.
    God has one plan – jesus has one message.
    One option for the whole world.
    The world is not chanced by it-
    the message was right-the only way to righteousness- to Gods love for us.
    We didn`t want to accept it.

    The peoples of the world are free,
    to accept it or not.
    Accept and follow Jesus as Messiah of the world.
    The saviour for all mankind.
    Mankind knows it better, even explore other religions.

    God gave His son.
    The most high gift, given by our Creator.
    That is and will be what God could and can do.
    Allright, he can do everything out of His allmight.
    It is the story-the story made for us all
    -with a more as beatifull world-nature- everything is given.

    There is nowedays not an other plan.
    A- or nothing.
    Nothing means nothing-
    We will become what we have deserves,
    deserve by living for us- and not for others.

    Not we are important, how we treat the other-ones,
    is of real importance.
    Respect for ourself-for the other-
    above all for God.

    When we would have tried to live by Gods given rules-all in a decent way.
    We would in these days see Gods-Kingdom, coming down on us.
    Plan A had succeed- a wonderfull future for us arrived.
    No respect and devaluation of human life, have destroyed any right
    on Gods promissed.

    Plan A – is not a free gift.
    It should be the greatest gift of all- a plan with joy and happiness for every-one.
    Yes, for eternity.
    Looking around in these years of complete madness-
    we must concludes:
    To many peoples-children today starving by hungry – to many in war .
    God has already spend to much love at us.

    Brother Roderick, I have earlier given my vision on this matter,
    in another setting.
    The outcome was sad, very sad.
    Especially for men like you, who have done all they can to bring plan A in reality.
    thank you for your shown wisdom and friendship to me in the past.
    Your seeming never ending energy to help the brother and sisters all over the World.
    Even to our little Holland.

    Only a -wonder- can now give any relieve another solution.

    God Bless.

  2. Brother,

    In dayly live, I succeed more and more.
    Almost all I do, come to succes.
    I have a good feeling at this moment-
    Problems are immense-
    even if the sun is shining – the birds are giving a concert-
    my fellowmen do not aware this beautiness of given life.

    There is almost no attention for:

    – Religion under youth, look at Brasil -Pope Franziskus-
    – Cry for democracy, in many islamic countries
    – We have a black president in USA
    – Berlusconi prototype of kapitalisme is brought to jail
    – Health care for all in USA
    At last, the most important issue in todays History:
    ” Renewed talks about a two -state solution- finilized soon (9 month) –
    if this will be possible – if jews and palestines can live next each other-
    as neighbours and maybe in the futures as friends.
    Then and only then, plan A- can find its way to realizing.
    The last hope, for humanity can at the last moment started-
    the Kingdom of God-the promissed Kingdom of God.
    As you know, in Him is no evilness at all-only love.

    So, I am happy, that we have not all our spiritual amunition -used.
    Inside me is joy- so many progress- to many to see it by ourselfs.
    The world is turning-we may and can not stop at this moment.
    The greatest part of the job is before us.
    Time to work on the last chapter, in our history.
    Work as the devil-hard as we can – to tear evilness down forever.
    Let the light of Jesus come in – and outside us.

    He will overflow us all, with new life with humanity, same rights and sharing
    Gods gifts for us .
    He has mend them for all his players on earth-
    all who will become someday in plan two-
    a place in heaven-Gods Heaven-
    for all who have done their almost in life to make it joyfull.
    All them who restore and remake
    God, made His Creation for you Brother Roderick- for me-

    God has made the world for us and not for Himself.
    We must work on in Gods way of ruling.
    Autonoom – based on the understanding the difference between
    good and bad.
    Living from the heart and not only the brain.
    For us is the coming Time- the Time of Salvation.
    Mercy -Gods mercy for us –
    not because we deserve it;
    All out of Grace- out of Gods Soul-the Holy Spirit.
    out of goodness- love.
    “We have a lot to win but much more to loose”.

    I am feeling great –
    at the same time worried –
    Energy -plenty-
    no problem, sometimes more than I can ask for.
    A brother -one who is very ill-
    and- you -as a brother in Christ.
    One of the very few – Roderick
    do not ask me for another one.

    The fight against evilness goes on,
    no surrender!

    God Bless.


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