Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk” (John 5:8).

These words were spoken to a man who had been sick for 38 years!  His bed had been carrying him, and now Jesus was telling him to carry his bed!

We have discussed several keys to getting unstuck from your problems in our last devotions.  First, we must genuinely want to be free, and second, we must stop shifting the blame for our problems to others.

The final key I want to share with you is found in the above verse.  It is to obey what the Lord tells you.  Whether it makes sense or not—obey!

To a man who had been carried by his bed for 38 years, rising up and carrying his bed must have seemed crazy!  But the moment he began to obey, new life and strength began to flow into his previously paralyzed limbs.

Listen for the Lord’s instructions in your heart.  Search for them in His Word. There is no faith without action.  There will be something that God will require you to do in order to release or express your faith.

It may make sense to you—or it may not.  But to quote Mary, the mother of Jesus, “Whatever He says to you, do it” (John 2:5).

After pastoring the same church for several decades, I have observed that many people remain stuck in their problems.  Not because the Lord hasn’t spoken to them, but because He has and they haven’t obeyed.

If there is any unfilled obedience in your life, get busy and do what the Lord has told you to do.  It is the only way to get unstuck. 



  1. Amen! How are you doing? I love this post. Please forgive me because you said this perfectly and I am not adding to or in any way implying you left out anything… I am just happy that you posted this and I believe I will re post this with your permission. I just wanted to say that I lived many many years attempting to be spiritual, praying and reading the bible more hours than is sane. I once spent 10% of my day in prayer, I figured it worked for tithes you know… lol, but I constantly fell away because I remained defeated by the sins and unbelief I was working so hard to overcome. You see I was under the impression that ‘study and prayer’ would make me ‘spiritual’ and I remained defeated for years. Then it hit me, by accident but still, who cares who we finally discover truth, just so long as we do. Jesus said, ‘My words are Spirit…’ I did not realize how doing what Jesus said is key to the whole spiritual walk as a believer. But absolutely no spiritual growth is possible unless we do what Jesus said. And I have discovered that the doing of the word is where the right growth is revealed minus the deceptive tricks of our heart that attempt to deny the word and justify our ‘discernment’ as we carefully take His word and add our worldly wisdom until the power of His word is diluted to a measure than our carnal desires can accept! Thank you for this, I think I would love your church!

    • Thank you! And if anybody else read my reaction to this post, and maybe I seem a bit over done, well all I can say is the reason I got so excited by the message of this post is because I live in the joy that only comes from God as a reward for obedience. So yes, anytime I find a believer telling me to obey, I get a bit over-joyed… His joy is worth everything I have 🙂

  2. I had to stop by as I happened to read that passage today. I was struck by the in-congruence (so it seems) of Christ healing him, stepping into his life, completely altering it and then commanding him to immediately get up….and….do the mundane-essentially, make his bed. Made me stop and think.

  3. amen. for me the word of God is the voice of our conscience, the guide within who keeps whispering every time you engage in action but mostly we ignore it thinking what the hell was that echo – but the merciful whispering continues nevertheless and one day we listen – that day is blessed.

  4. Amen! Obedience and its importance can never be recommended highly enough as one important key towards Christian Growth. It is true that genuine desire to obey begins with God’s Grace released thru prayers. Yet, without the acts of obedience, every prayer would turn futile in a short time.

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