Over the next seven devotionals, I want to talk to you about the number one business of the Church:  the business of winning souls.  It is what I call “The Seven Cs of Soul Winning.”

The first “C”—commission—is found in Mark 16:15.  These are some of the last words Jesus spoke before He ascended into heaven,

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Could it be any clearer?  Jesus said, “Go.”  Dare we say, “No”?  He said, “Go.”

That is the opposite of “stay,” isn’t it?  G  G-O.

God wants you and me to take the Gospel to Others.

You and I need to get out into the world!  Jesus was not crucified between two candles on a church altar.  He was crucified out in the byways and highways of humanity, and that is where we must take the message.

Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”  That is a promise.  But you know what?  You have to get to the water if you are going to catch fish.  You have to get out of the four church walls, out to where hurting humanity is, and engage them with the gospel.

A while back, I went backpacking with my two sons in a very remote area.  We found a pristine lake where just about every time we would put a line in the water, we would catch a fish.

We also had this incredible camp.  But you know what?  If we wanted to catch fish, we had to go down to the water.  No one could catch a fish sitting in camp.

A lot of Christians just hang around the camp.  They form fishing clubs and talk about how important it is to fish.  But they don’t fish.

God wants us to go fish!


One thought on “ARE YOU FISHING??????

  1. Again, one has to be careful not to discredit the words of Jesus Christ in the pages of the bible by application of them to those that they are not said to or about. Jesus did not tell everyone to go into the nations and preach the Gospel or share the Gospel ….. His commandment to His disciples, not to any other, was for them to go into the nations teaching them to observe whatsoever He had commanded them (His disciples). The “Gospel” to Mark is the same “Gospel” that Matthew records.. which was what Jesus had commanded those that had been drawn of God to come to Him, who had come and had done what was required, according to Jesus that one must do or one could not be His disciple.

    There is no person other than Peter that Jesus is recorded to have said “I’ll make you fishers of men” to either. So before one continues telling people what God wants people to do…. one should remember what the opening pages of the book of Genesis shares with us all. That it was listening to what someone else said that God said to do or knows one is to do and following THEM rather than God that caused the issues between man and God from the beginning. Jesus’ instruction, and the prophets is that all shall be taught by God… that man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God… so unless there are people trying to convince others that they are in fact God… then people should not be telling anyone else what God wants us to do, or not to do, what it is that God knows or doesn’t know… and let God do His own speaking rather than man doing it for him… and convincing people to follow another who is not God… repeating what Adam did!!

    We also have to remember that the bible outlines that the name “Christian” was not something that anyone called himself/herself. It is what others called the disciples and those that were seen in the streets of the cities doing as Jesus had done.. healing the sick, raising the dead, and teaching others what Jesus said they were to do, including selling all they had to be His disciple. Those are what the Bible writers tell us that people seen those disciples of Jesus doing, that caused them to refer to them as “Christians”…. it wasn’t a self profession… or one bearing witness of himself/herself….. nor is it today. It is a discredit to the writings in the bible to claim or state otherwise today… and it is also a discredit of the writings in the bible regarding Jesus’ teachings and commandments within its pages to say Jesus ever mentioned anything about the “business of the church” … for there is no mention by Jesus in the pages of the bible about ‘church” being anything at all remotely similar to what is referred to today as the church.

    So again… people with the ability to read for themselves can read the bible and see what it states in details and specifics and either accept it as it is written…. or discredit it by saying that it says something that it simply does not, or that words spoken to Peter or to the clearly stated disciples of Jesus Christ, apply to anyone other than those that were His disciples then as stated in those writings. If one is not hearing from Jesus himself/herself, then wouldn’t that simply mean that one has not himself or herself followed His commandments to become one of His disciples to have Him manifest Himself to them?? Surely seems to be what the Bible states Jesus said on that point as well.

    Be encouraged… don’t let other people who are not God tell you what God says or what God wants. God speaks and as Jesus said man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God…. not from scriptures… or writings…. or from men/women…. God!! Jesus’ commandments are the way, when followed for one to be reconciled unto God… to have Jesus manifest Himself to the person that keeps them, and He and the Father to come to the one keeping His commandments and make their abode…… once that happens… one lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God….. and another they will not follow!!! ♥♥

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